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WiseFireCracker Avatar
It was a gift for WiseFireCracker as a new avatar on Fimfiction. This was a rushed job for me, but I didn't back down on the quality of the rendering... at least too much.

One the odd things about this piece is that I didn't use any of the traditional method drawing this and forgo using any pressure control or opacity that my stiles/brush can provide me which basically boiled down to just be using a mouse for my left hand; it was odd to think that I had achieved such results with this with an basic brush at 100% opacity. This time around I had put a lot of attention on the detail of the background as so to make it look like Twilight's Golden Oak Library.

Instead, of that I used mostly used the Lasso and Wand tool to select the areas that I needed to add color, textures, rendering and use heavy soft brush just outside of the selection area to give the smooth gradient effect in the shadows. the line art of the Oc was made with the help of the pen tool that was selected and then filed with black; this was probably the most even and precise line art that I have done with Photoshop compared to my previous attempts. The textures where made from the cloud rendering function with texture effects and layer style. The magic aura effect was made with a black brush strokes set on screen, so that it becomes invisible, then I added a color overlay orange at 30% opacity set on Screen with Outerglow and Inerglow; the Smudge tool was used to add the wavy effect on it. the the dark shadow was on the Oc was just black soft brush stroke with with the layer set on 60% opacety. The glow feel around the body was just a few soft yellow bush strokes that had Blured function use to defuse it and then set on Screen. The light beams is just orange yellow made with the Selection Tool, Nlured and set on Screen as well.

To save a lot of time, all the books that are in the bookshelf and levitation all made from the same template and same goes with the textures with a few added changes to make them look different in shapes. To also save on time doing the pages, I just used the haft tone effect and cut them out and warp them with the selection tool th make them fit well, giving an all out even spacing between them. For the gold decoration I just used the Selection Tool and and fiddle around with the stroke function at different thickness. I wish that I had put on titles and a little text to add to the realism to then.

The cutie mark was also made with the pen tool but I was tired and on a rush so I couldn't take the time to do a smoother finish on it. Still, I do very much like the overall design of it.

All in all I am quite proud of this work and I hope that this is a good sign that I am really improving in my digital art skills. In grand total, it took me about less then a week of intense work on it for about 30 hours, which considering less then what it used to be for me with less attention on the background.
Jackelope's new avatar
This is a gift for  Jackelope of encouragement in his writing to keep on writing. This was certainly different to draw something an 
pangolin and was a welcome.

Drawing the the large scale pattern was certainly an interesting to try make each one of them well rendered flow with the rest of the body.

I tried to put more attention on drawing the gravel on the ground to give it as much texture as possible to get into the habit of going into as much detail of a scene, even in the least interesting aspect of a scene, to practice to put more attention into the background. I tried to also practice drawing clouds as well, came out rather well.

Still, I am happy with the results.
Pandemic, ASGeek2012

This is the cover art for Pandemic by ASGeek2012on Fimfiction, as a gift of encouragement for the good work on this story. This was a work that actually went rather well and went faster than I originally expected. For this project, I decided to go with my more usual approach in painting and sculpting shapes out of the characters, with trying making a more detailed line drawing then what I usually do.  Then, I apply darker colors behind the line art and then add the more normal coat colors as highlight with a hard brush and gradually use softer lower opacity one to better blend the gradients with each other. I used the Selections tool more extensively in the early stages to save on time too…



I first started drawing Twilight Sparkle and Starlight Glimmer, which came out rather well, despite the generally unpopularity  with the fans for more ‘realistic’ look to them. I really tried to tone down on the muscles this time around and got with as softer finish to them.  I had to redraw Starlight’s head, because I didn’t like showing her head in profile as it was then, which just felt really amateurish to me. I gave her a slightly more angular head to show that she is physically slightly more ‘mature’ look to her. For Twilight, I decided to give her a narrower muzzle to make her look slightly closer to how she looks like in the show. The only real issue that I had was her wings which I still have trouble drawing in a consistent manner and at the right angles. I feel that they both look good more dynamic in the pose and expression of confusion and weariness to better convey that they are treading lightly in a dangerous situation, adding to the mystery of the scene and the story itself. I would let you guess to who they are being most carefully to avoid attention to.


    For Celestia, she came out much better then what I had hoped, and looks very impressive with her rearing up in threatening posture, which is not something that I normally do often with her. The pink coat was originally supposed just be part of the darker parts of a strong contrast of light and shadow. In reality, she has a pink near while coat, if you look at her hex code. But, after adding more contrast with the lighting, I felt it was better for Celestia to keep her pink coat with the intense yellow light beam coming from behind her.

    Unlike those of Twilight’s, Celestia’s wings came out much better then what I expected, as almost all the feathers are evenly and well placed, adding to the realism to them.

    Working on her regalia was interesting to me, because I really wanted to give it a gold finish to it, along the fun of doing the engraving in it. I still need a lot of work for that, but it helps me want to do more of that stuff in the near future.

    Trying to give her ethereal mane was a bit of a difficulty to produce, as when I did my first attempt it looked more like a mass of bubblegum then anything foggy, I had to try out several other methods and filters to get a more satisfying result to make it look like it was glowing.


    For the background, I had used a few short cuts that I normally don’t use, but I figured sense I was striving for realism and fidelity form the show’s style, which isn’t easy to find a compromise between the two. I used a background of the Canterlot background and added some gradient to make it look more three dimensional. I did the same thing for the Earth, using a wallpaper with no boarders in it warped it to give it a more spherical shape, and superimpose it on a pre-rendered sphere to add the effect of a planet.

    The silhouette of the pony above the Earth was fun to do, and I had to be very careful not to let the viewer’s realize to easily who it actually is, it’s not already too obvious given the shape.  Still to make sure it can at least be better notice from the starry background, I added a little backlighting behind it.

    The author specifically asked me to put a biohazard symbol in the image, and rather than just fling it in the background as is, I decided to have some fun with it. I used the symbol as part a triptych out of the three main elements, which are Celestia, Twilight and Starlight Glimmer and finally the Earth,  and repositioned  them within the three circles, to help better guide the reading of the image of the cover art and help create a sense of harmony with the image. Incidentally the Earth certainly stand out a lot more than it did before, and I am all the more happy about the results, which didn’t stick out from the background like a sore thumb as it did before.

    The biohazard symbol is just a regular image that I picked up from the Internet and added a FX’s and Layer Style to give it its transparent glowing effect.  

    The Canterlot City base in the background was used from here:…

    The base biohazard symbol came from here;…

    And the world map came from here:…

Mix-up at the Grand Galloping Gala

It’s been a while sense I redesigned my ponysona, and I think it was just about time for me to do just that. This time around I thought it was time that Mix-up should look dapper for an upcoming gala that I was imagining him to be invited. This was an interesting piece to work on, as I wanted to gauge how far my current digital art skills stand now, compared to the last three years that I have been practicing on it. My hope of this project was to trying to find a faster, more efficient, way to create smooth rendering curves on my character, in which that the brush strokes wouldn’t show off as much as they usually do and try to make it a more realistic feel of drawing.  I used several different methods to do this, as I tried to harmonize them together in which I had hadn’t managed to integrate them very successfully up until now. Even then, I think I could have done a better job at it, but at least it went a bit faster and cleaner than most this time.


 This took me about 20 hours to do, and the most difficult part was, as usual, the wings, which isn’t easy trying to align all of the feathers right to make it look good. This time around, I decided to go as much in detail in drawing out the figure, by starting with from a simple sketch and do a more detailed drawing over with layers. I haven’t done this method in a while, sense usually I immediately jumped into the coloring and start sculpting the shape without a detailed plan in mind on how I should go about it. It was fine for a while, and it is even encouraged by many of my sources, but I thought that I really needed to go back into the basics in drawing, and adding the colors after the line are was fully completed. I also wanted to restart using extensively the Selections Tool for the shadings all the colors, which helped a lot in saving time. For the clothing, I think I did a good job a representing the folding the fabric and the seams to give them a sense of the material to the viewers. The mane and tail has caused me some trouble, as I still have a lot of trouble rendering convincing long hair styles.


For the clothing, I decided to go with a brown tailcoat with gold trimming and red cuffs, a double breasted vest, red bow tie(as a nod to the red scarf he’s usually drawn with) and finally red sparts on the rear legs. For the extra touch of detail, and adding some ridiculousness, I added horseshoes to my OC , which I thought it was hilarious to me in my mind. All in all, I think he looks dashing for a social event. I did consider adding a top hat to him, but I felt he was better without it.

The background was the last thing to work on, again, which after finishing my ponysona, I did a quick sketch for the glass murals where fun to do for me. Surprisingly, after studying the images of the Canterlot Palace design in the show, I noticed that the architecture of the interior is rather simple, with luminous lighting and very spacious corridors. What stand out the most about the design that I notice are the numerous glass murals that peppered the walkways everywhere, which despite their simplicity add a lot the atmosphere to the place and my mind easily create its own narration to them, even if it doesn’t depict an actual story.


I drew Royal Cesar because I always loved his design despite the drab colors scheme that I felt there was a lot of charm and class to him. I loved drawing Cesar, a semi realistic design, strutting around with his head high like he owned the place like the typical snootiness the people write about the rich, noble, ponies of the show, always made me laugh.The Guards at the doors are actually flip copies of the same model. The scene itself was still fun to do. The mare with the near transparent green slick dress was fun to do and I think I managed to bring out her femininity. Doing the dress was somewhat difficult to find the compromise with showing the gradient of the folds of the dress and its transparency as the merging of layers always created weird results; I will have to find better methods to produce that sort of fabric effect.  

Qwefg's New Avatar
this is a griffinsona of a frien, qwefg ,from fimfiction that I did a gift for him. he asked me to do a raven/crow griffin front, being a Edgar Alene Po fan and all, with a snow leopard hind part, I've seen a lot weirder griffin combos in the past so why not. I used the same brush set that I used in CrackedInkWell Impresosist it a more random color selection of colors about. Not much to say about how I went about it except for the stronger contrast in colors. it was a fun and easy work to do fro me but shows be I really need to practice my perspective more often.



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