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At a Friend's Mercy
This is the chapter art for chapter Broken Gene by Caddy Finz. This Scene depicts a flashback seen of Doctor Radius in his early years of his exile to in quarantined town of Pripyat because of the nuclear disaster. the scene depicts the wounded deer  with the deformed antlers is right next to the famous deadly Elephants Foot, the melted radioactive material that had melted under under the reactor. Radius mind is under control of his alter ego of 'Spazz' friend of Radius and is about to kill his own good friend. Still was about a two hour work for me to do not much to say other then it started to get fun to do after a quick work. I tried to be faithful to the room where the Elephant's foot is found.
Borrowed Time Cover Art

This is the cover art for Borrowed Time by Gambit Prawn . This was an interesting quick work that I did on this one trying to work out how to do my color gradients and how to better use the smudge tool to create a fur effect on Princess Celestia and the deerbear. The alicorn foal in the middle was the first thing that I started to working on the hand/hoof mirror at the bottom was actually harder to do but was worth getting back to practice working on hard objects more. The smock was interesting to experiment on, but I think I would need to practice doing more effects, textures and brush strokes settings if I don’t want to start stagnating again. 

Equestrian Landings by qwefg
this is the cover art Equestrian Landings by qwefg, for which I am also currently helping editing the story with him. This has been in the works on an off for over ten months, but I finally managed to finish it at about the same time as the publication of a same chapter that was ready to be published at the time.

The main reason for the delay was because I was been stuck in a funk for a while that really hampered my creativity in general, and I had to keep on going working on it, often without real passion on it, making me often go back to redo my work to try to fix every problems that I perceived in every detail. More and more I was obsessing on it that a certain point I was making more of a mess rather than fixing it. But, things started to get better for me I finally managed to overcome that hurdle and get into working on it with a real passion again to working on it at length.


Sense the story has a fairly strong MMORPG themed to it, along with being a HiE story, I decided to make this look like and action JRPG feel to it as with show character stats at the bottom of the six main protagonists of the story and adding a hexagon grid on the ground along with giving a character ID above the characters like in WOW. The grid was the part that I had the most trouble with because of way that I was making the grid; I had to make it very big to keep with the perspective look to it along with maintaining the green glow to it without taking too much ram space to the document. I had risking crashing Photoshop as several times. For the other stuff I just had to fiddle with the FX layer system, giving it a stroke around it and give it an outer green glow. For the composition, I was going more with the main character player group surrounded by other “payers” of all different races and classes that are poised to attack them at any moment. The center group where a joy to work with, in trying to convey the best way I could of each of their personality in their ready stance for battle.

Drawing the grenades in Stardust’s mouth, along with her rummaging through her saddlebags, was the first that I stated working on and was something that I already had planned from the start, and was something that I found funny  with her stance and “come and get it” gaze was a blast to do. Lockheart was a special challenge for me as it was the first real time that I really practiced drawing cloth folds of is red jacket along with trying to make it look like it is caught by the wind with the hood and the sleeves. I had to redo eyes because they just look weird. Maxwell was also fun to do with trying to show cowardice making him look at first that he is looking for ground cover and making him look terrified of the hopeless situation with they are all trapped in. But I did wanted him to still at least have his cutlass ready in his very prehensile tail that make him look like he is in a scorpion stance at a second viewing. Valkyrie was a little trouble to work with, not with the pose I had that pegged from the start, but it was more that I didn’t feel inspired to draw her with her armor which only cam later stages of the process. At least I felt that I did a good job then I finally finished her armor which came out rather well. Steel Halberd was fairly the same story, and seeing that he basically was supposed to look like your generic pegasus guard, it was just a question of getting into the mood of drawing him in an interesting defensive stance and signature weapon and his namesake, which first started out as an axe halberd rather than the spear one. Remedy Cross was actually fun to do, with being a medic guard duds in appearance, that is in juxtaposition with her vindictive demeanor in the story, was easy to imagine her to be at a ready battle stance with as horde of foes is not going to stop her from doing “preemptive triage” on her very soon to be “patients”.


A part that I had the most trouble, and delayed me the most, was to drawing all those different characters in the background, which sadly aren’t all shown in their entirety. I was trying to show some of the antagonists that are appear in the story, along with other more generic characters that have their own theme and back story that I was creating in my head. I didn’t want to waste too much time in drawing each of them with their own colors, so I went with gray scale instead. I had originally planned to make them all look like dark silhouettes but I go lost in drawing each of them with such detail that I couldn’t make them look as menacing and non-descript characters like I had originally planned, and just adding a layers of black didn’t cut it. So, I opted to as a sloppy red brush stocked layer of red set on Pin Light I think. I didn’t want it to be all a solid one color, so I left a few areas that did had read most noticeable the dragon. I think the red really helped making the crowd look more threatening and make it clear they aren’t there of tea and crumpets either.


You can find the different stages of the creation of the cover art in the link bellow.

CrackedInkWell Impresosist

This is CrackedInkWell‘s new avatar that I did for him as a gift. I took me only twelve hours to do and he certainly seemed happy with it when I received his reply. I did this because I like the design of his ponysona that was made from the pony creator. As upon his request, I tried to give this piece an “Impressionist” art style and I tried to make this as close as an actual painting feel as I could in this one.

Unlike most of my usual digital art pieces I actually tried my best to paint as closely as possible to the traditional method in creating a painting without the drag of waiting it to dry. I first did a detailed “pencil” study of what I was going for, with some lines of the silhouette and even the shading directly from Photoshop. That is more then what I normally do in my digital painting, sense I usually just sketch the very basic outline of what I am going for and start sculpting the silhouette with colors directly and ad the details as I go along. This is how most digital artist goes about in creating their pieces, as I understand it. Still, it was refreshing for me to try another method once in a while, and reminded me the importance to go as far as possible in going in details, even in the sketching if possible. Unlike most time I started creating a piece, I actually thought about creating the background at the same stage as did the main the pencil sketch of the subject, which sadly I have more often than not I only think about that detail in the later stages of painting.


This also gives me another incentive to going back in practicing traditional mediums again, as I have the increasing feeling that I am stagnating in my art skills once again, and that is a feeling that I always hate when my skills seems to reach a plateau every once in a while. Still, I take it as a good sign for my mental health, sense this has given me as new desire to go out more for some fresh air and to do life drawing again; it’s a good feeling to have.

What is most unusual that I did in this piece was that I used almost no layers in this piece (less than five) and the subject was painted on the same layers as the background, which is something that I usually don’t do for fear the background that I always have trouble fixing in the past. But surprisingly, I hardly had to do back and fix anything in the background at all. I contribute the reason for all that work saving on the fact that I had already planned out that I wanted from the background elements in detail, in the pencil sketching stages, as mentioned earlier. This is an incentive for me to try this method again in the near future. Going into detail earlier in the background seemed that have also helped avoiding go back if it helps me to do the work much quicker, by eliminating the number of adjustment to the planned scene. I am actually very proud of the work that I did on the background, and I think it is one of my best so far, with the blending of colors which added a real classic painting effect to it. I am particularly proud of the desk and typewriter. The bookshelves were also a lot of fun to do and helped me to create a few short cuts from my usual methods. For the OC itself, it when rather well and I did like adding the Victorian bowtie and collar, the glasses where interesting to do too. I think I could have done a better job with the mane doe, but I think I was in too much of a hurry to do it.


The part that was most interesting of this quick project for me was the actual painting, because I have been tinkering with the brush adjustment with the Color Dynamic and other settings, which had brought about very interesting results. Adding textures to the brush and slightly randomizing the hue, saturation, brightness and purity has added a sense of texture that I didn’t had before, and really gave a feel of all the brush strokes in it.

This has also helped to better blend all the colors together of the painting as a whole.  I didn’t had to go through all the trouble mix every color that I was planning to use, so that they wouldn’t clash with each other, like it traditional mediums. This is also in digital which the colors that are normally pick are often too vibrantly and doesn’t always harmonized themselves well with the rest of the piece, until the end with filters layers. Exploring the color dynamic has yielded interesting results to me, and the randomness that it comes up with helped me a lot with the blending of the colors, instead of the smudge tool, which I never really been happy with the results that I normally get. I think doing that probably shaved offed about five hours of work from the cleaning up.

The finishing highlight coming from the window might have been too understated but I didn’t want all the work of the detail of the background be lost by all the intense lighting. On the other spectrum I think I could have done a better job at the highlight around the OC.


Still, this was a good work all in all, and I am happy with the results.


You can all see the creation process in the link bellow.

I friend  call Gamerpen is making a raffle to a free art for anyone who enter 
If any of you are interested in this,here it is the link, as well for the rules to be eligible to enter   RequestsI saw that am almost at 400 (345) watcher so i thought it been a while since i did something for all of you guys new ones and old.
so i will draw for you almost anything.
 I'm taking 3 requests
They will be chosen based on how difficult the idea is and how good, interesting, or fun your idea is.
share this around in a Journal

must be watcher (new ones are welcome).
Link your ocs or canon characters in your comment and what you want them to do in the picture.
3 characters max.
the winners will be chosen on the 13. February.
So, request away! If I draw your idea, I will tag you and good luck.



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Yes I did, I can't seem to find the original message so I am only working from memory here.

The idea could be interesting, but I see a little too many similarities primes Roadrunner and Coyote. I does sound funny but I think you might want to consider what is fueling the animosity between the two of them. With the Roadrunner, we implicitly understand that the Coyote see him a nothing more then his next fast food meal, as the viewer understands that the Coyote is supposed to be the predator and the Roadrunner the pay, or like Tom and Garry cat and mouse. There is also In this situation I am not sure why a kangaroo would want to go just kill the duck as that creature is a veterinarian and so wouldn't naturally be imagined to want to go after a duck in the mind of a views, and would easily out run the duck on the ground unless it flies away and just go somewhere he can reached. so in a more natural setting the conflict in non existent between the two. So, as you said the they are both anthros , hints equals to one an other. characters so the conflict is more based on the personalty between the two of them. I think a relationship  like Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck or Micky Mouse and Donal Duck is what would better work between them. Daffy and Donal are both characters that are greedy, selfish, always envy what other haves and will go to great lengths to get to get it, albeit in a destructive manner.  while Bugs is more is layed back and always seems to get what he want he want by lucky and usually, which drives Daffy crazy follows his "friend" Daffy to watch the show of how he will spectacularly fail, if not make it more entertaining for him. Of Micky it's more at least more helpful but he is does have a standing rivalry with Donal on certain issues. I think you're trying to mix or fuse the same dynamic of the Roadrunner and Coyote as well that between Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck and it doesn't feel there is a conflict that is really convincing to them. 

I recall that the duck is very fowl mouth and is very grading on the kangaroo's nerves, but would would make him actually want to outright hunt him down? Is it all an act or is there enough to resentment between the two of them? I am not sure what is the kangaroo's personalty, he certainly not going to be passive about it the duck if he wants him out of this mortal coil for good and doesn't care to waist so much money to try and achieve that goal. So I am guessing that the kangaroo has a massive ego and might be put more importance on his pride then anything else in his life and will do anything to feel better about himself and is willing to push other down to feel like that. For the Duck I can get it that he enjoys seeing the kangaroo angry enough but I don't have his personalty pegged as such. 

those are my thought on the matter, I hope this helps you in developing those characters more.
I1N22 Featured By Owner Apr 20, 2017
So what do you think
I1N22 Featured By Owner Apr 20, 2017
Quckly's personalty that he is happy-go-lucky,sadistic,very fowl mouth. Since he and his father made that Massacre he became a kangaroo raciest serial killer killing all kangaroos to deriving past pleasure that was implanted in his brain. His father was sentenced to death row by Kangaroo County for his horrible crime. Lucky his son didn't get caught. Quckly plans bring his back to at the graveyard at Kangaroo County to summon a demon to kill the entire population of Kangaroos so the population of ducks will be free from slavery.

Duff Kanga is a genius sadistic bounty hunter of the Kangaroo County he only kill anyone who broke the 5th law. He persues  Quckly because he kill his family and Quckly is a dangerous teat to the Kangaroo County he trys to kill him with by mail ordering weapons to Doc-me Inc. and uses concocted needlessly Goldbergian plots to kill Quckly. Duff Kanga has a massive ego and might be put more importance on his pride then anything else in his life and will do anything to feel better about himself and is willing to push other down to feel like that just so for making him entire Family and friend Coyote named Rofis. Quckly has left him tied up for his fiendish killing to take effect,  Duff Kanga usually became resourceful and ingenious, sometimes coming up with spontaneous and creative methodologies to escape his peril.
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