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    Wiley, or "Patte Blanche" (meaning "up front" or "honest" in French), that's what I like to call her before I knew her actual name, is a Canadian breed horse mare that used to be in the same ranch that I do my horseback riding. She has a black coat, with white fore hooves (hint the nickname), a white stripe on her forehead, and naturally frizzy mane and tail. Like the rest of her breed, she is rather small for a horse, not quite pony size, but they are deceptively very hardy creatures, have very thick necks, very hard working, and ideal for cross-country riding. The Canadian breed is called the "le petit cheval de fer" or the "the little iron horse", for its hardy constitution and has been used in creating many North American breeds. She doesn't seem to have the soft temperament of the rest of her kin, which can be explained from her previous owner.

    For what I know about Wiley, she was bought from an owner that had neglected her for years. She had apparently always been left alone, in a small fenced field, with no other horses for companionship, and could only eat what the field she was confined in, which apparently was barely enough to life off of. Her previous owner had apparently never feed her herself. She was bought by a school teacher who seems to have experience of writing on her own, and seemed to have calmed down a lot with her retraining sense she first got her, but she was still difficult to handle. Personally, I tough that  the teacher was just being afraid of Wiley nervousness and made the rookie mistake of showing it to her horse, which the mare pick up on it, as a sign of weakness on her part, and had made it a constant struggle to hold a firm grip on her a chore.

    When I first saw Wiley I really liked her, and for what I can tell of her interactions with me, she earned for affection, but she has a deep seeded mistrust in humans. Which means that despite letting me close to her she was always has her guard up around people, and I was the one of the only few who she was willing to come to someone on her own. I could see that she was temperamental at first glance, with her restlessness depositions and all, but I wasn't afraid of her in the least. I had the chance to go pet her for a while, but she was sold off and shipped to a ranch faraway. I was told that Wiley's new owner liked temperamental horses. I wasn't frilled to learn that she had been trying to picking on or dominate my dad's horse "Flash", but I still liked her even then.

    This was a pencil drawing exercise that I did from a photo on my computer. I feel that it was a relaxing actively to do, and has helped me to get back to traditional media again, but I still feel that I am not as good as I once was. This was also a good test to try out my new mouse scanner, which makes the process much less of a chore for me. And, mouse scanner is a hell of a lot better then a regular type scanner, sense I am not stuck with awkwardly placing my sketch book on the a regular scanner, with much less warping of the image. The down side to the mouse scanner is that the maximum resolution, which is only 400 PPI on it, but can still serve my needs quite nicely. The trade off is much better for me, as I have much less restrictions, sense I put just need to put the scanner on the paper and have a working space of a 3A format paper.
I'm So Tiered...
The last few years have been difficult for me, because of my depression, having a lot of trouble drudging you the concentration to do anything worth wild in life, or even getting out of bed can be a tiresome chore for me and even with my real passion even in my art it is difficult to find the will to work on it consistently. Things have been looking up for me at least but it is still a very slippery slope where I can still fall into bad habits. 

this has been a interesting little project to try to get me into putting up more attention to the background then just the middle ground of the seen. I can't say that I did a very good job on the clouds but I did like the amount of detail that I have put into making them look fluffy if somewhat over doing it. the tree canopy on the surface cold have been more worked on but I wasn't sure  how to make it look like a bunch of tree in that perspective. For my OC I think I did a good job in convey the general sense of exhaustion from him as well as the hopelessness.   
Safe Artist-colon-projectrabbid Oc
This very interesting little animation was made by Queen-Razlad for ma as part of an art trade that we made of each others ponysonas. My part of the trade was Trestle, trade Queen-Razlad. I also had the honor of coming up with the named and cutie mark for his OC as well. This animation had certainly taken me by surprise, as it looked nothing like the earlier thumbnails that he had showed me before and I was was starting to think that he keep stalling because because of problems. I was more then taken by surprise to see it wasn't at all the case and when way beyond what we had agreed to do for each other.

So if you have the chance, please give him a good word to him.

the link to the original animation can be found in derpibooru, in the link provided bellow.

I also did the Nightmare night costume for an other one of Queen-Razld's OC's.

QueenRazlad for Nightmare Night

Christmas Gift 7 A M A L By Doukz
This was a Christmas gift by Doukz she had been kind enough do this for me and it cam took me by complete surprise by surprise when I firs saw it. I have to admit, that seeing this first time really helped in feeling better, after the very ruff times I was going through during the holidays of 2016. This was a reinterpretation of my ponysona, Mix-up, with her own style to it. I think Doukz did a very good job with this and I can really start to see her emerging skills as an artist and has come a really long way in her art skills sense I first met her and even now has kept improved in leaps and bonds even now.

I wish you the best of luck Doukz

Please give you a good word for her work.

Link to the original here…

Link to the first draft here…
A Journey Beyond Sanity- Stardust Balance

Well, this was quite an interesting experience into going back to the more realistic drawing ponies again, and for trying out a few new things on this project. This is the cover art for A Journey Beyond Sanity by Stardust Balance on FimFiction. Originally, I didn’t want to invest so much time on this project, only about ten hours, seeing that the scene provided for me didn’t tickle my muse much, but when I actually stated to get a good feeling of exploring in the original sketch, I fell in a good groove for it and really started to become enthusiastic then. I think I have put in about 30 hours of work in this. I had decided then to just change the lighting for the scene, I wanted to try out something different, so I decide to do a low level light source for this so that the lighting would be coming from the bottom; which really helped to give it a new outlook in my imagining the scene that gave me something new to explore.

Here is the original sketch of the cover art; I didn’t first pay much attention to the drescrition that was given to me at the time, beyond the fact that Stardust, spike and Twilight was in it, so I sort of forgot that Starlight Glimmer was supposed to be in the scene.

For the heck of it, I also decided to go with a more “realistic” design in drawing the ponies, as much as I do like the MLP designs it get boring to always draw the same cartoony look all the time, and I much prefer to go with the more realistic looking horses.

I wanted to make sure that despite their “realistic” design approaches that I had in mind for the characters, I also wanted them to look as much as possible as actual “pony” proportions to them, and not just make them look like multicolored regular horses.  So, I when the same three heads high rule and give them larger heads, rounder belies, shorter “bony” or “stunted” legs to them so there is a sort of “dwarfish” quality to them, that I don’t usually see in other artists that uses that same design approach .


Doing Twilight Sparkle was quite the challenge to do because she was the first that I started drawing and shading. I wasn’t entirely sure how the low view lighting of the body would beam on her. Drawing “realistic” wings is always hellish to do, because there is a specific order to the group of feathers in the way they have to overlap each other. Still, if the minimum requirements are achieved to make convincing enough it makes for a great element to focus the attention on for the viewer, making all the work put into it worth it.

To be honest, I entirely cheated on the design of the wings because I wasn’t originally planning to invest so much time on this project and when I really go invested in this project I was too far gone in the details to fix the mistakes that I originally did, and didn’t want to spend the extra time to in fixing it; I almost regret not fining it. The most glaring issue is her left wing, which shouldn’t be in that position in relation to her flank and the right wing. The right wing was an interesting subject to tackle, because of the angle of the lighting and the strong contrast with the light and shadows of the piece, which I haven’t done that well in the past. I usually had the black shading on and other layer, with a low opacity soft brush, after I am done with the general shading of the subject, which to be honest was pretty lazy of me.

Shading Twilight’s head was interesting not only did I had to rethink how the light would beam on her, comparatively on a human head in an unusual angle, but also take into account defused lighting which I still have a lot of trouble with.

Stardust Balance offered another set of interesting challenges, more specifically trying to find a way to convey his general body shape through his blue cape with the bottom lighting. This was actually a lot fun for me to draw, the fabrics folding pattern of the drape along with the body silhouette under it. The part that I am mostly dissatisfied with was the drawing the head. In the process, I drew his fedora at the same time that I was shading the head and really hindered me determining the proportions of the face.      


Spike was a fairly simple to do after tackling Twilight and Stardust. I had fun drawing his body but his head gave me some trouble as the facials traits that I first gave him where too pronounced, making him look like an old drake rather a hatchelling. I over accentuated muscles of the limbs, I regret a lot not taking the time to make them look softer.

For Starlight Glimmer, after being done with the other three, was breeze to work with, maybe I was a little too much on a rush to finish it, after spending over sixteen hours on it, I was getting tiered of working constantly on it toward the end. Still I did like experimenting drawing her in a different angle pose was interesting, especially the hunches, and I became more appreciating of Starlight Glimmer’s general design in the process. I went with a stronger contrast in colors for the shading because I was having difficulties distinguishing the Starlight’s coat color with that of Twilight’s so I had to put more contrast with the lighting. I wanted Starlight to still be nervous with around Twilight and Stardust so I widen the eyes, and make her staring at the both of them in her peripheral view while her head was looking away.

For the lighting on the very bottom, I just put a simple nearly white teal gradient, then I put a cloud rendering, with a color Overlay set to Darken. With the pitch black back ground, the high contrast in light value will make the gradient very vibrant to the eye.  With a mask layer attached to it, I sued a 50% opacity soft brush in the areas that I wanted at the bottom and around the fonts. At their “hooves” I had created a series of with circles with a lighter teal outer glow to it, as a source of light. For the blinding light, I just put a radial gradient set to Lighten at about 60% opacity over everything.


This project really helps me to feel better for myself and I started to find my passion again in drawing again that I didn’t have for a while now. I have notice a lot of my previous mistakes from that past and I think I can now know what to look for in my next projects.

For a while, I thought that I had reached a plateau in my art skills, and I was worried that I wasn’t going to do better for a long while. But, with things looking better for me in life in general, I feel that I can push forward even more with my art.

I friend  call Gamerpen is making a raffle to a free art for anyone who enter 
If any of you are interested in this,here it is the link, as well for the rules to be eligible to enter   RequestsI saw that am almost at 400 (345) watcher so i thought it been a while since i did something for all of you guys new ones and old.
so i will draw for you almost anything.
 I'm taking 3 requests
They will be chosen based on how difficult the idea is and how good, interesting, or fun your idea is.
share this around in a Journal

must be watcher (new ones are welcome).
Link your ocs or canon characters in your comment and what you want them to do in the picture.
3 characters max.
the winners will be chosen on the 13. February.
So, request away! If I draw your idea, I will tag you and good luck.



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