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Randy Savade pony

This is a Ponyfinder character that I did for my friend Kablam Pony on FimFiction. This Earth Pony is supposed to be a pony version of Randy Savage with his signature shutter glasses and his cocksure smile that hades his over the top flare of this showmanship. This was a two and a haft hour work that I did on this, which I do have to admit that it was a rushed job, but it was part of my attempts of trying to get into the habit of producing a one piece every two or three days, to get into a grove of producing, preferably not without making any compromises on the quality of work. But sometime, constantly producing fly brings more interesting results rather than just thinking it over and pondering on how I am going to do it.

For Randy himself, I just did a sketch then the ink line for the Earth Pony base then added the clothing, and then revolved the unwanted lines on the base and merged the both of them together. After that, I selected the outside with the wand, then inverted it, created another layer underneath it and filed it with a base color. Still Selected, I added a layer clip and added the other colors on it. Again on another layer I used a red gradient head to hoof (had to say it) and set it on multiply with 50% opacity on it. Same process with the next layer but this time I just did shadings on it with no use of gradient anywhere unfortunately, and then set it on multiply. Then finally for the highlights, I used an orange color and set it on screen. The ribbons where made on separate layers but got the same treatment as the rest. The background is nothing special, just a few slapped gradients and FX that barely takes ten minutes to do.

All in all, I think it’s was a fun quick work I did and got me into a rhythm into producing, let’s hope it will keep on going with it for a few more times.

Bug's Light

This is a work that I did in about three day with about eighteen hours of work on it. Ti’s is supposed to be a unicorn colt doing a fire fly hunt during the night and is relishing his catch in one of his bottles. I have taken a different approach with creating this piece as after I created the first sketch I started immediately with a back background and inverted the colors of the sketch. I also wanted to practice my use gray scales and wanted to see how it would how it would for is I went from dark to lighter tones and see if I can for once better keep tract of the light source when I apply the different greys. I stated to sure the soft textured brush more to see how well I can use it to make softer curves on a figure. The trees could have had more work but I didn’t want to put too much work into it and just try to produce them with a texture bush to save on time.


The colt himself was a fun work to do especially the messed up mane and smile, as well as his bug hunting gear which helped to give him some characterization to his hobbies. Showing him with a missing tooth with his smile seems to give him a little rascal look to him that I find cute.


I had originally wanted to add colors at the end but whenever I tried it always too saturated and I was already didn’t want to have to work more than twenty hours on it, so I stopped there. I added a gradient effect on it to add some colors and that about it. Still happy with the results, whished that I could add more work on it but I have to keep focus on producing more with less time and not let myself be stalled by the little details like I usually do.

Love birds
A little experiment that I did with textured brushes and gradient filters that I have been trying to learn how to use them better in my work flow to have more color variety and not just use it for the final stages of the work. I tried to work with a more lively movements for the characters so that they they don't look as static as they usually are.
Snow And Sand- A World In Two Shrouds by Jackelope

This is the cover art for Snow And Sand: A World In Two Shrouds by Jackelope on Fimfiction. This was an interesting work that I did as I tried to use the textured brushes again with a little more understanding on how to us it to better effect on the cloth and tether on the unicorn foal as well as the pelt of wolf/animal that he uses as a cloak and the wide brim hat, which I am happy with how I managed to produce the effect well. The same goes for the boat, which a used the quick easy clone layer proses and make large surfaces of wood surface and us the textured brush to add more randomness to avoid any looking too repetitious. Other than that, nothing much special about it, but I am happy with the results for the most part.




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