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Mail Troubles by Penalt

This is the cover art for the story Mail Troubles by Penalt on Fimfiction that I am so far enjoying a lot. The idea of the scene that I wanted to depict was supposed to be comical in the picture with a grinning mailpony running away from an multidimensional  horror tactical that is trying to grave/capture/*sensor*/eat him thought some sort of extra dimensional port whole. This was a fun project to work on and allowed me to relax again in doing digital art in a my more traditional/haft hazard way of doing things with a more realistic approach in drawing realistic ponies that I love so much.


I always loved the uniforms of the mailponies of the show, as I found that they make them look snazzy, especially that of Special Delivery and the somewhat ridiculousness in wondering of how they could possibly manage to put them on them in the first place. The construction of the pony was rather simple straightforward processes especially with placing the de shading, used overlay and multiply to accentuate the contrast of light and darkness.

For the extra detail, I added horseshoes on him and even the place where the nails where nipped off. I always the idea of a shod horse fascinating and I wonder how it could be applied to MLP.

The mail envelop was an easy process of duplicating and warping them to make them look like they are caught in the wind.


The monster was a bit more complicated then what I expected it to be but it was still fun to do.

Taming Equestria, Ronnoc543

This is the cover art for Taming Equestria by Ronnoc543 this was sort of a follow up to my previous piece that I did, in the sense that I use nearly the same identical steps that I did back then especially with the floating objects in the colt’s aura. Well, except for the part of planning out the background, which only started to take shape toward the end of the creation process. This time, I was mostly thinking on my feet nearly the whole way in creating this, and I really feel that I am getting really good at rendering random common craft objects, with almost a more 3D realistic aspect to them.


For the creation of the colt Arty, or Artemis Star Chaser, was fairly easy to do, sense the writer was kind enough to give me a pony creator image of him with all the colors that I needed to work with, as well as mane and tail style. I used the Photoshop’s Pen Tool for the line art, which I have now become used to working with it extensively, making it a breeze to go through compare to my early struggles that I had in the past. The coloring was a simple process, and the rending of the gradients was a little trickier, especially for the mane and tail, but it all went well with a little finagling with the Layer Style. The facial expressions seem to have been pulled off rather well, in making him look like he is just pissed off at everything.

The glasses, tool belt and the welding mask where added later and are completely separate from Arty’s body, and went through the same process. I added the glasses on the muzzle because it was said in the early chapters that he used to wear them when he was human, and I thought it would be the same for his colt form too, and I actually thought it added more character to the colt, despite the fact that the writer didn’t plan at all for him to wear those in the story. But, with a bit of cajoling with him, I managed to sell the idea that he could wear them more as a fashion accessory item for him, rather than prescription ones. And the fact that I managed to make him look really cool, help sell him the idea to adapting the story for Arty to get to wear them; I was very happy with his final decision. For the last two items, I wasn’t too enthusiastic about adding them at first, as I was afraid that it would obscure the good work I did on the body. But, in the end, I think I managed to pull it off well, despite my initial misgivings about them.

For the floating objects, it wasn’t really my favored part of the scene because I had to render a lot of object that have to be recognizable as regular crafting tools, to properly convey that he has a talent in building machinery. At times, it became a bit hectic for me in coming up with how to make each of them look good and easily recognizable enough to the viewers. The hardest part, and incidentally the most fun part of that stage, was rendering the carjack, which I was very happy with the final results in the end, despite not trying doing anything really that complicated as a quick piece to do. I took the books from another piece to save on time, and made it a point not to keep them in the same position as they were before, to avoid making them too recognizable.


The magic aura in the horn and objects was nothing new, just some tweaking with FX layer effects.

The back ground, more precisely the cave wall and ground, was just two layers with cloud rendering with a few textures effect added, to give in a stone like appearance to them. The rendering giant old style computers was fun to do and I tired give them a 3D aspect to them, along with the heavy rendering a light effect on it.

The Cable on the ground was made with just simple line with the pen tool, to make them look as smooth as possible, along with adding the gradients with the selection tool and adding clipped layers, gave them a clean rubber tube like aspect to them.

Well, this was a fun piece to work on, and I am happy with the final result, as it shows that my work flow is getting more consistent.

WiseFireCracker Avatar
It was a gift for WiseFireCracker as a new avatar on Fimfiction. This was a rushed job for me, but I didn't back down on the quality of the rendering... at least too much.

One the odd things about this piece is that I didn't use any of the traditional method drawing this and forgo using any pressure control or opacity that my stiles/brush can provide me which basically boiled down to just be using a mouse for my left hand; it was odd to think that I had achieved such results with this with an basic brush at 100% opacity. This time around I had put a lot of attention on the detail of the background as so to make it look like Twilight's Golden Oak Library.

Instead, of that I used mostly used the Lasso and Wand tool to select the areas that I needed to add color, textures, rendering and use heavy soft brush just outside of the selection area to give the smooth gradient effect in the shadows. the line art of the Oc was made with the help of the pen tool that was selected and then filed with black; this was probably the most even and precise line art that I have done with Photoshop compared to my previous attempts. The textures where made from the cloud rendering function with texture effects and layer style. The magic aura effect was made with a black brush strokes set on screen, so that it becomes invisible, then I added a color overlay orange at 30% opacity set on Screen with Outerglow and Inerglow; the Smudge tool was used to add the wavy effect on it. the the dark shadow was on the Oc was just black soft brush stroke with with the layer set on 60% opacety. The glow feel around the body was just a few soft yellow bush strokes that had Blured function use to defuse it and then set on Screen. The light beams is just orange yellow made with the Selection Tool, Nlured and set on Screen as well.

To save a lot of time, all the books that are in the bookshelf and levitation all made from the same template and same goes with the textures with a few added changes to make them look different in shapes. To also save on time doing the pages, I just used the haft tone effect and cut them out and warp them with the selection tool th make them fit well, giving an all out even spacing between them. For the gold decoration I just used the Selection Tool and and fiddle around with the stroke function at different thickness. I wish that I had put on titles and a little text to add to the realism to then.

The cutie mark was also made with the pen tool but I was tired and on a rush so I couldn't take the time to do a smoother finish on it. Still, I do very much like the overall design of it.

All in all I am quite proud of this work and I hope that this is a good sign that I am really improving in my digital art skills. In grand total, it took me about less then a week of intense work on it for about 30 hours, which considering less then what it used to be for me with less attention on the background.
Jackelope's new avatar
This is a gift for  Jackelope of encouragement in his writing to keep on writing. This was certainly different to draw something an 
pangolin and was a welcome.

Drawing the the large scale pattern was certainly an interesting to try make each one of them well rendered flow with the rest of the body.

I tried to put more attention on drawing the gravel on the ground to give it as much texture as possible to get into the habit of going into as much detail of a scene, even in the least interesting aspect of a scene, to practice to put more attention into the background. I tried to also practice drawing clouds as well, came out rather well.

Still, I am happy with the results.



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